Turbosteel Better than the Rest

PropertiesTURBOSTEEL TMT REBARSBig BrandsLocal
ElongationHigh 18-25%HighLow
FormabilityExcellent due to uniform Elongation.ExcellentNon-standard
Technology Tempcore ( CRM , Belgium )TempcoreThermax / Others
Weld-ability Better & good strength Better and good strength Weak
Strength High ( FE 500 is minimum )HighInconsistent
RibsCNC notched and uniform CNC notchedManual and inconsistent
Savings 15% on quality and price factorNo saving , Prices are higherNil
Availability Same day2-3 daysIrregular
Price Lower than main plant for same quality Very high price for same productVery cheap due lack of quality & standard

Chemical Properties Test

IIT Madras, a reputed institute test Turbosteel bars rigorously for chemical passage. The results were astounding and Turbosteel passed the test. It is one of the few TMT steel bars which has passed this chemical test.

BIS – ISI Certified

Turbosteel Bars are certified by Bureau of Indian Standards and we can proudly say that our vision to provide the highest quality of steel is a huge success. We didn’t stop just at BIS, our TMT bars are certified by NIE mysore, Bureau Veritas etc.