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Why Turbosteel?

Chemical Properties Test

IIT Madras, a reputed institute test Turbosteel bars rigorously for chemical passage. The results were astounding and Turbosteel passed the test. It is one of the few TMT steel bars which has passed this chemical test

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BIS – ISI Certified

Turbosteel Bars are certified by Bureau of Indian Standards and we can proudly say that our vision to provide the highest quality of steel is a huge success. We didn’t stop just at BIS, our TMT bars are certified by NIE mysore, Bureau Veritas etc.

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About TurboSteel

Misrilal Jain Award

Misrilal Jain Award

Our Beloved Chairman

Sri R. Praveen Chandra

5 Star Rating

5 Star Rating Award

Know More About TurboSteel

About Us

Fully Integrated Steel PlantIron Ore to Steel under One Roof

Integrated Steel Plant

Raw Material Handling Division (Incoming Iron Ore and Coal)

Sponge Iron Division

Steel Melting Shop

Ladle Refining Furnace

Billet Caster

Integrated Rolling Mill with Hot Charging

Our Unique Technology and Process

Iron Ore Mine

  • Mine Operated by ERMgroup; our sister concern
  • High quality iron ore sourced from mines
  • 5 Star rated mine
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Steel Melting Furnace

  • Removes Impurities from the molten metal
  • Produces High Quality Steel
  • Desired quality of steel is acheived
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Ladle Refining Furnace

  • Chemical Composition of Liquid metal can be controlled
  • Produces high quality TMT
  • Phosphorous, carbon and sulphur can be controlled
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Continuous Casting Machine

  • Casting machine helps in maintaining the density and homogenous structure
  • Castings produced performs well under pressure
  • Results in High quality castings
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Automatic Rolling Mill

  • High-speed Fully Continuous Rolling Mill
  • TEMPCORE process
  • Fully automated cooling bed
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  • High mechanical properties (DIN 488 IVS, Fe500, BS4449-97)
  • Excellent welding ability
  • Excellent ductility and bendability
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